Integrate sales & delivery channels, orders and customers in one place
Receive orders directly to only one POS and return your customers
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We show how to use only one pos to receive orders from all sales chanels.
It's totally free
We give opportunities to make the best delivery service
Receive orders from all sales channels
Use the max number of chanels to receive orders for delivery. Connect website, food aggregators, social networks in one window service.
Growth your revenue and don't lose orders anymore
Orders comes directly to POS
Don't waste time to copy order receipts and manually put in POS. All orders comes automatically from website, social networks, food aggregators: Talabat, Careem, Zomato, Deliveroo.
Manage menu in one click
Upload menu once and take control of all your ordering platform menus in one place
Return your customers
Collect preferences of a guests, create detailed reports and make the best marketing campaign to return guests to restaurant
Result will not keep you waiting
Get all you need to grow many times over
Guests return to the restaurant
Revenue growth after integration
Accepted and received orders
Our clients trust us
Choose your subscription
Try and make sure about efficiency
100 AED
Create automatic delivery service
600 450 AED
Make the best delivery service and win all
1200 800 AED
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